Great Lakes Radio Club - Club History

The Great Lakes Radio Club was founded at Forster on the NSW Mid-North Coast on 24th June 1988, when an inaugural meeting was convened at Community Radio Station 2GLA-FM by Keith Woodward, VK2AT (SK).

The inaugural committee comprised of President Keith Woodward VK2AT (SK), Vice President Daryl Waldock (then VK2DAZ), Secretary Meegan Findlay and Treasurer Stanley Shaw.

It was decided that membership should be open to all amateur and citizen band radio operators, and to all persons interested in electronics. The club became an incorporated body on 10th April 1991.

The VK2RGL VHF repeater at Cabbage Tree Mountain was commissioned on 29th April 1990. Originally on 147.975 MHz (in) and 147.375 MHz (out), the frequency was changed to the present 147.700 MHz (in) and 147.100 MHz (out) due to persistent interference from paging systems.

Past Presidents (dates based on best available information)
1988    Keith Woodward VK2AT (SK)
1989    Daryl Waldock (then VK2DAZ)
1990    Stan Ellis VK2DDL (SK)
1997    Andy Keir VK2AAK
1999    Allan Bell VK2BEL
2004    Shayne McBride VK2XUV
2010    Bruce Ekert VK2EM (current President as at 2021)

Life Members:
Shayne McBride VK2XUV
Allan Bell VK2BEL
John Lacey (formerly VK2KKZ)

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