Wireless Institute of Australia.
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The Wireless Institute of Australia is a federation of seven autonomous bodies, known as Divisions, which were originally founded in various States or Territories.

The Federal body is located in Melbourne and handles certain functions on behalf of the Divisions, such as fee collection, the amateur radio call-book, and representations to the Australian Communications Authority.

The WIA is a member body of the International Amateur Radio Union.

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The Wireless Institute of Australia is the oldest amateur radio organisation in the world, founded in Sydney in 1910.

Individual amateurs should join their appropriate Division, or another Division by arrangement. There are a range of fees charged, depending on the grade of membership and other factors, and also a range of services available. Details can be obtained by telephone, FAX, mail, E-mail, or from the WIA Web-site.

The NSW Division has its own premises, known as Amateur Radio House.    Details are as follows:

  Street address: 109 Wigram Street, Parramatta, NSW 2150.
  Postal address:: PO Box 1066, Parramatta, NSW 2124.
  Telephone numbers: Local: 02-9689-2417   Country Members: 1800-817-644
  FAX number: 02-9633-1525.
  E-mail address: vk2wi@ozemail.com.au
  Web-site: http://ozemail.com.au/~vk2wi/