Activities (cont)

Weekly Net.

Each Thursday night at 7.30 pm EAST a net is conducted on the Great Lakes repeater on 147.1 MHz. The net controller is Keith, VK2AT, or, in his absence, Ray, VK2JRP. Usually a specific topic is discussed. Club-members are encouraged to participate and all amateurs within range are invited to join in.

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Newsletter cover

Monthly Newsletter.

A newsletter is distributed to all members a week before each monthly meeting.  It contains items of general interest and the minutes of the previous meeting.  All amateurs are invited to contribute items, including details of equipment for sale.
Please address to: GLRC, PO Box 91, Tuncurry, NSW 2428.

Assistance with Training.

Although the Great Lakes Radio Club does not receive requests for training for Operatorís Certificate examinations in sufficient numbers to warrant conducting classes, it can suggest larger centres where these are available, recommend reference and correspondence course sources, and offer help on an individual basis.

ARRL Handbook CD (1824)