Amateur Radio Equipment.

Icom IC-706 Transceiver (Ic7062as) Kenwood TS-570 transceiver (kw-570sm1) Yaesu Transceiver (d3632a)

Amateur radio equipment is available from a variety of sources, but should only be supplied to licensed amateurs, as unlicensed operation is illegal. Amateurs may also build their own equipment or modify surplus commercial units to operate on amateur bands.

Amateur stations are frequently referred to as “shacks”. Most are located in private homes, in a spare corner of a room, in a small outbuilding, or in a room within a house appropriated for the purpose.

A frequent problem with operation from a residential area is the production of interference with neighbouring radio and television reception. This may occur even though the transmitting equipment is operating within specifications and licence requirements, and is frequently due to the use of unsuitable or badly adjusted aerial and amplifier systems by those suffering the interference. Amateurs must assist where possible to rectify these problems, and are obliged to advise on, but not to supply, suitable means of suppression.

Amateurs are also authorised to operate mobile and portable stations, and so suitable equipment has been developed for these purposes.

Descriptions of such equipment, as well as of a typical base station, follow. Descriptions are under the headings “ Base”, “Mobile” and “Portable”.