Mobile Equipment.

Mobile transceivers are made very compact to fit into the little vacant space left in today’s vehicles. There are a variety of multi-band HF units available.

Aerials are mounted on the roof, or on brackets on bumper bars.  These are also very compact and relatively inefficient.  Aerial tuning units are essential.

VK2DDL 2-metre mobile transceiver 2-metre mobile transceiver

A great number of vehicles are fitted with mobile CB or amateur VHF, UHF or dual-band transceivers.

Aerials can be full-size and are easier to mount.

Some are fitted to magnetic bases to place on a vehicle’s roof.

VK2DDL 2-metre mobile antenna 2-metre mobile aerial

Range on these bands is normally restricted to line-of-sight distances, but there are many VHF (amateur) and UHF (CB and amateur) repeaters on elevated sites throughout the country to extend that range by re-transmitting mobile signals.

These repeaters are provided and maintained by local clubs. The Great Lakes Radio Club Incorporated operates an amateur repeater on 147.7/147.1 MHz and a CB repeater on Channel 4/34.