Best Viewing.

The following equipment and minimum settings should be used for optimum performance:
Screen: 800 x 600 (SVGA)
Browser: Internet Explorer 4 or later
Text Font: Arial 10 pt bold
View/Text Size: Medium
Colours: 16-bit (Hi-color)
Sound: Mono, 8-bit, 11 kHz
Hard Disk: 20 Mb free space.
RAM: 16 Mb
Operating system: Windows 95 or later
Windows 95 font Small (96 dpi)
Help File

Action buttons (e.g. ) are actuated by placing the cursor over them and clicking the left mouse button. They then perform pre-programmed functions as labelled.

"Menu" you are returned to the first screen.
“Back” you are returned to the previous screen. (Where this is also the first screen, only “Menu” is used).
“Next” you are taken to the following screen.
  Other buttons have specific labels which are self-explanatory.