Great Lakes Radio Club Incorporated


Picture of Keith Woodward Keith Woodward, VK2AT
The Great Lakes Radio Club was founded at Forster on the NSW Mid-North Coast on 24th June 1988, when an inaugural meeting was convened at Community Radio Station 2GLA-FM by Keith Woodward, VK2AT.  It was decided that membership should be open to all amateur and citizen band radio operators, and to all persons interested in electronics.
Four executive officers were elected :
   President Keith Woodward, VK2AT
   VicePresident Daryl Waldock, VK2DAZ
   Secretary Meegan Findlay
   Treasurer Stanley Shaw

An initial annual membership fee of $10 was adopted.

Further meetings at the Forster Bowling Club were arranged for the last Friday of each month except December, with an Annual General Meeting in June.  A number of other conventional club rules were also approved.

During the following months, plans to establish an amateur two-metre repeater on Cabbage Tree mountain, 40 km West of Forster, were finalised and submitted to the Department of Transport and Communications via the NSW Division of the Wireless Institute of Australia, the peak amateur body.