History (cont)

A newsletter was commenced and club CB callsigns (GLCxxx) were issued.

In February 1989 Daryl Waldock became President, due to Keith Woodward’s move to Taree, and, in April, club members provided communications for the Iron Man Triathlon under direction of the President.

A Repeater Committee comprising D. StJohn (VK2MZ), K. Woodward (VK2AT), S. Ellis (VK2DDL) and D. Waldock (VK2DAZ) was formed and commenced detailed planning for a 2-metre repeater at Cabbage Tree Mountain.

Picture of Stan Ellis Stan Ellis, VK2DDL

At the AGM in June, Stan Ellis, VK2DDL, was elected President, which position he was to hold for the next eight years.

Throughout the year new members were added to the original group, as the club’s activities became known through the WIA Sunday broadcasts and articles in the local papers.

A set of rules, based on the concept of "open management", or management by the general membership, was developed and forwarded to the Department of Consumer Affairs, together with an application for incorporation.

Affiliation was sought with the NSW Division of the Wireless Institute of Australia, as well as participation in its club Public Risk Insurance.

Applications were made for licences for a UHF CB repeater and a second 2-metre voice repeater for local use.