History (cont)
During 1989, an application was made for a UHF CB repeater licence, after a survey had shown that the Forster water-tower would make a suitable location.
A series of lectures on amateur radio and related subjects was initiated, and preparatory work commenced on the Cabbage Tree Mountain repeater site.
In 1990 PO Box 91 was acquired at Tuncurry.
Picture of Daryl StJohn Daryl StJohn, VK2MZ After extensive testing from his home by Daryl, VK2MZ, the primary 2-metre repeater, with the call-sign VK2RGL, was finally commissioned at the 2GLA-FM transmitter site, under a reciprocal maintenance arrangement, on 29th April 1990.

Operating frequencies were 147.975 MHz (Receive) and 147.375 MHz (Transmit).

The receive aerial (2 collinear half-waves) was mounted at the top of the 2GLA-FM tower and the transmit aerial (3 collinear half-waves) 10 metres lower.

All repeater modules, including a 120-watt fan-cooled linear amplifier, were assembled into a rack, with sliding shelves for easy access.

In October, the repeater was used by local participants, including a number of club-members, in the Scoutsí annual Jamboree On The Air, or JOTA.

A licence was ultimately issued for CB operation on UHF Channel 4 and the call-sign FST04 approved. By then, investigation had commenced of the possible use of Mt.Talawahl, NW of Nabiac, as a better site for this repeater.

Procedures for incorporation were completed, and, on 10th April 1991, the club received its Certificate of Incorporation.