Amateur Repeaters (Cabbage Tree Mountain)

VK2RGL repeater rack

The entire installation at Cabbage Tree Mountain operates under the call-sign VK2RGL and consists of:

  1. A voice repeater with input and output frequencies of 147.7 MHz and 147.1 MHz respectively and output powers of 25/120 watts.

  2. A “Packet” digipeater on a simplex frequency of 144.725 MHz and output power of 25 watts.

  3. A “Packet” half-duplex UHF link to VK2RND at Newcastle on input and output frequencies of 420.825 MHz and 440.825 MHz respectively and output power of 1 Watt.

Functions of both systems may be remotely adjusted by controllers at Forster.

All equipment except a linear amplifier transfers to battery power in the event of mains failure.

The voice repeater receive aerial is a 2-section half-wave collinear vertical at a height of 35 metres and the transmit aerial 3 half-wave collinear verticals at 25 metres.

The “Packet” VHF aerial is a single half-wave vertical at 15 metres and the UHF “Packet” link aerial a 9-element Yagi.