Amateur Repeater Aerials (Cabbage Tree Mountain)

VK2RGL repeater tower

Great Lakes FM tower which the Great Lakes Radio Club shares.

The tower is at a height of 650 metres above sea level, and is itself 35 metres high.

The four vertically-polarised aerials are the broadcast array, directed at Forster.

The parabolic grid is the broadcast microwave link.

The remaining aerials are for the various amateur repeaters.


  VK2RGL voice repeater receiving aerial The two half-wave vertical collinear receiving aerial for the VK2RGL two-metre voice repeater, mounted at the top of the tower.
VK2RGL voice repeater transmitting aerial

The three half-wave vertical collinear transmitting aerial for the VK2RGL two-metre voice repeater mounted 12 metres below the receiving aerial.

The UHF yagi is the packet link to VK2RND.

The VHF omnidirectional half-wave aerial is obscured by a tower leg.