The Great Lakes Radio Club Incorporated offers either Full or Distant membership, the grade appropriate depending on the distance at which an applicant resides from the club’s meeting place, and therefore the extent to which participation in monthly meetings or other club activities, other than on-air contact, is practical.  This does not mean, of course, that there is any reason why a distant member should not attend any of these events if the opportunity offers.

There is no joining fee and membership fees for the following twelve months are set each year at the Annual General Meeting. Financial membership is from 1st August to 31st July of the following year. The Distant Member fee has been fixed at 50% of the Full Member fee. The current Full Member fee is $20 and the Distant Member fee $10.

The funds raised in this way are used to cover various recurring administrative costs. Any surplus is applied to the maintenance, construction or purchase of new station equipment. Travelling expenses for visits to the amateur repeater site at Cabbage Tree Mountain, a round trip of 180 km., also have to be met.

Current Members
A list of current members may be viewed by clicking on the appropriate button below. This list is re-issued annually on 1st August, showing all memberships, new or renewed, for the ensuing year, and is then updated at monthly intervals to include any further renewals received or new memberships taken out.

Two copies of the Membership Application/Renewal form, both of which may be printed out on a single A4 sheet, may be seen by clicking on the button provided below. An intending new member, or a current member renewing membership, should complete one and return it by mail, together with the appropriate annual fee, to the address shown. We regret that the club is unable to process credit card payments, and suggest payment by cheque, as enclosure of banknotes is not recommended.